The CIA & the Frankfurt School’s Anti-Communism

By Gabriel Rockhill, Published on The Philosophical Salon, June 27, 2022: Frankfurt School critical theory has been—along with French theory—one of the hottest commodities of the global theory industry. Together, they serve as the common source for so many of the trend-setting forms of [...]

The West and the rest

By Wolfgang Münchau, Published on Euro Intelligence, May 22, 2022: The world’s economic inter-dependencies are manifold and mutual. Sanctions have large network effects… The western sanctions were based on a formally correct but misleading premise, one that I believed myself at least up to a [...]

Anti-Imperialism & the Western Left

By Charles McKelvey, Published on the author’s Substack column, May 7, 2022: “The International Manifesto Group sponsored on April 24 a Webinar on “Anti-Imperialism & the Western Left.”  The organizers maintain that, although an anti-imperialist Left is emerging, it is [...]

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