Dear colleagues,

We’d like to invite you to sign and attend the launch for ‘Through Pluripolarity to Socialism: A Manifesto‘. The launch of the manifesto will take place September 5, 2021 over Zoom and YouTube live.

Click here to register to attend the launch and please share widely!

The Manifesto is an important political initiative which, in view of the multiple crises facing us and the urgency of political action, has been taken following several months of discussion by the International Manifesto Group, a world-wide group of concerned activists and scholars.

You will find it here. We are translating into multiple languages.

At this time, we are writing to ask you to be a signatory of the Manifesto and to ask likeminded colleagues and comrades to sign it. Signature indicates that you agree with the broad thrust of the Manifesto and consider that progressive forces should discuss and engage with it.

We plan further events and conferences to discuss, debate and develop its themes.

In that spirit, we urge you to:

1. Sign the Manifesto here.

2. Ask like-minded friends and comrades to do the same by forwarding this email to them or adapting it to your tastes.

3. Attend and share the launch event 5 September, 2021

When the manifesto is launched, we will publish with it all who have signed by 3 September 2021.

Please respond by that date if you wish to be included in this First List of signatories.

Please also get in touch if you have any questions, bearing in mind that the text itself has been finalised.


About the Launch

As the pandemic reveals capitalism’s profound inadequacies and the US launches a New Cold War on China, the cause of socialism stands at a critical juncture. ‘Through Pluripolarity to Socialism: A Manifesto’ seeks to orient the struggles of classes and nations inthis historical moment.

Join an international array of socialists representing diverse currents in launching this appeal and opening discussions that are necessary to propel the left forward, out of the social,economic and ecological barbarism that capitalism offers to more rational, solidaristic and scientifically advanced ecological socialisms.

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