The West and the rest

By Wolfgang Münchau, Published on Euro Intelligence, May 22, 2022: The world’s economic inter-dependencies are manifold and mutual. Sanctions have large network effects… The western sanctions were based on a formally correct but misleading [...]

Socialist States and the Environment

Celebrating the release of Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro’s new book, a panel of experts discuss state socialism’s environmental legacy. This webinar will take place Sunday July 24 at 8:00AM CDT, 9:00AM Eastern and 11:00AM Pacific on Zoom [...]

Anti-Imperialism & the Western Left

By Charles McKelvey, Published on the author’s Substack column, May 7, 2022: “The International Manifesto Group sponsored on April 24 a Webinar on “Anti-Imperialism & the Western Left.”  The organizers maintain that, although an [...]

Anti-Imperialism & the Western Left

This webinar is hosted by the International Manifesto Group. The webinar will be held 24 April 2022 at 11:00AM CDT / 12:00PM Eastern. This panel seeks to address the failure of the western left to oppose its own governments’ aggression against [...]

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