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This panel analyzes the political crises that led to and have followed the arrest of Peru’s most recently elected President, Pedro Castillo.

This panel took place on Sunday April 16 at 10AM Lima Time / 10AM Winnipeg Time / 11AM New York time / 8:00AM San Francisco Time / 4PM London Time / 6PM Moscow Time over Zoom and YouTube Live.

You can find see the full panel discussion and individual speakers’ contributions below.


About this event

The arrest and deposition of Peru’s most recent elected President, Pedro Castillo, is only the latest chapter in a long political crisis going back about almost a decade. Its content is the increasing assertion of popular power against that of a small propertied elite. This assertion has been met with a combination of force and fraud. However, they have clearly not succeeded in suppressing the masses. As their protests continue, this panel, including speakers from Castillo’s government, reflect on the crisis, its long historical roots, possible outcomes and the factors that will determine them.



Anahí Durand Guevara is a Sociologist, a professor at the National University of San Marcos in Lima, Ph. D in Political and Social Sciences, Former Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations of Peru.

Eliana Carlín Ronquillo is a political scientist at the Universidad del Pacifico (Lima), co-author of “Twenty Peruvian Heroines” and co-founder of the activist groups “NO to Keiko” and “Heroinas Peruanas”.

Benjamin Norton is the founder and editor-in-chief of Geopolitical Economy Report, an independent news website dedicated to publishing original journalism and analysis.

Moderator – Francisco Dominguez is head of the Research Group on Latin America at Middlesex University. He is also the national secretary of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and co-author of Right-Wing Politics in the New Latin America (Zed, 2011).


Anahí Durand Guevara



Ben Norton


Eliana Carlín Ronquillo


Francisco Domínguez


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