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This panel discussion attempts to recover operative concepts from the largely neglected anticolonial tradition.

This webinar will take place on Saturday November 4 at 1PM US Eastern.

This event will be hosted on the Critical Theory Workshop’s YouTube channel. Tune in on November 4 to attend!


About this event

About this event

With the world ablaze and hundreds of millions in the former colonies living in sacrifice zones, theories of liberal multiculturalism and “epistemic decolonization” appear increasingly inadequate. This panel discussion attempts to recover operative concepts from the largely neglected anticolonial tradition, which analyzed and struggled against capitalist imperialism on the basis of a historical materialist perspective. Drawing on figures such as Amílcar Cabral, Ho Chi Mihn, Thomas Sankara, Maurice Bishop, Samora Machel, Walter Rodney, and Che Guevara, we attempt to show how their conceptions of neocolonialism, democracy, class struggle, and economic planning can illuminate and potentially transform the warming and stratified world in which we currently find ourselves.

This event is organized by the Critical Theory Workshop and co-sponsored by Monthly Review and International Manifesto Group.


Eli Portella is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Florida Gulf Coast University. Their research focuses primarily on Marxist theory, especially in its anti-imperialist, ecological, and feminist strains. They are currently working on a book project titled Imperialism at the Brink: Decolonization, Decarbonizaton, and the Critique of Capitalism.

Jared Bly is a philosopher and translator currently instructing at Villanova University outside of Philadelphia, PA. His research focuses on Marxist Aesthetics and the ongoing struggles against imperialism within the Sub-Saharan African conjuncture.

Larry Alan Busk is the author of The Right-Wing Mirror of Critical Theory (2023), Democracy in Spite of the Demos (2020), and several articles on climate change. He teaches philosophy and humanities at Florida Gulf Coast University.


Iaan Reynolds is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Utah Valley University and the author of “Education for Political Life: Critique, Theory, and Practice in Karl Mannheim’s Sociology of Knowledge.”

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